Canon's New Camera Leak - The EOS RP

Could This Be Canon’s Answer to The Entry Level Full Frame Mirrorless?

If the sources are portraying this information correctly, this could be the entry level full frame mirrorless camera to take on both the Nikon Z6 and Sony a7iii.

I believe this is going to be Canons way of giving the consumer a similar camera to the EOS R, but without some of the more ‘gimmicky features’.

It’s rumoured to be a lot smaller than its older brother, weighing in at around 485g… To put things in perspective, the camera body weighs less than this Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Lens.

When the EOS R was first tested, it all seemed to be about its video capabilities… However, it’s actually quite impressive when it comes to the photography side of things!

Will it Be a Camera to Watch Out For?

With a rumoured price tag of around $1300-1500 and a spec sheet that of a more expensive DSLR…it will certainly take some beating! I have read many articles, and watched many videos that claim the EOS R is exceptional for image quality.

There’s no question about Canons stunning colour and it’s a highly talked about subject! However, most top level DSLR’s have similar colour science and the price tags are all eye-watering.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your entry level DSLR or simply looking to upgrade without breaking the bank, then this might just be the jump to make!